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Best place to order a Universite Lebanaise diploma in Lebanon

Universite Lebanaise diploma
Universite Lebanaise diploma

The Lebanese University was established in 1951 to serve the diverse social groups that make up Lebanese society, and to provide a high-level institution in which students can acquire university degrees. Order Universite Lebanaise diploma in Lebanon, it was launched amid a growth in the number of students in grades 10 to 12.

The first departments were The High House of Teachers and The Statistics Center. On 3 December 1951, the first class of 68 students entered the university, under the efforts of many professors and educated personalities, and the support of the Lebanese President Bechara El Khoury.

On 26 February 1953, official decree No. 25 founded a center for financial and administrative at the university, order fake diploma Lebanon, called The Institution of Finance and Administration. The High House of Teachers was renamed to The High Teachers Institution .

The next big change was 1959’s regulating decree No. 2883, which, along with many others between 1960 and 1972, added more material into the structure of the university and legalized all of its activities, requiring students to take part as administrators within the different faculties.

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