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Myths about getting a UEFA A Diploma in Scotland

UEFA A Diploma, UEFA Coaching Convention diploma,
UEFA A Diploma, UEFA Coaching Convention diploma,

The UEFA A Diploma is an advanced Coaching Award and the focus of this course is on preparing players and teams, buy a UEFA A Diploma, for professional and semi-professional Leagues or top amateur Leagues. The course will include practical days (2 x residential Blocks) and online theoretical aspects. The course theory will be split between face-to-face workshops and distance learning workshops.

Full attendance of the course is required. This includes all practical days and online workshops. Only in exceptional circumstances will candidates be permitted time off the course. (This time must be made up at a later date).

Candidates are expected to participate in practical pitch sessions throughout the course as part of staff demonstration and peer coaching sessions. However, exceptions can be made due to illness or injury. All online tasks are to be completed and submitted via the Irish FA’s Online Education Platform.

Candidates have a maximum of three years to successfully complete all elements of the course from the date they commence the course. When successfully completing all practical and theoretical elements of the course, the candidate will receive an UEFA A Diploma, make fake UEFA Coaching Convention diploma, buy fake coaching diplomas. The UEFA A Diploma is valid for three years, during which period the coach must complete a minimum of 15 ‘credits’ of Continuous Professional Development in order to re-validate the Licence for a further three-year period.

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