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Unspoken Rules About Making Schulich School of Business Diploma

Schulich School of Business diploma
Schulich School of Business diploma

The Schulich School of Business maintains a selective admission standard for its undergraduate programs, order a Schulich School of Business diploma. The BBA and iBBA programs together enrol around 400 students and up (300 for BBA and 100 for iBBA) from an average of 4,500 to 5,000 applicants per year, providing an applicant to place ratio of around 12 to 1. Delayed entry students who have studied one year at another school are also allowed to apply.

However, there are only a limited number of spaces reserved for the delayed entry stream and prospective applicants must meet specific degree requirements to qualify. Students applying to the BBA/iBBA program must have at least a low 90s average to remain competitive; the cut-off line for undergraduate applicants in 2017 stood at 91%, with the overall average for incoming undergraduates being 94%. There are two parts of the application process.

For the first part, applicants must submit a Supplementary Information Form that includes a summary of the organizations, sports teams, volunteer or paid work that the applicant has been involved in. Order York University business diploma, buy fake MBA diplomas. Secondly, there are three video interview questions along with a 5-minute written portion. All undergraduate applicants must take at least 6 U and M courses, but cannot take more than 2 M courses in the same discipline.

Applicants must also take Grade 12 English (U) and Grade 12 Advanced Functions and either Grade 12 Data Management or Grade 12 Calculus (Calculus Recommended). Delayed entry students must maintain at least an A average in order to be considered and must also fill out a Supplementary Information Form.

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