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The turnaround time to get an Ontario College of Trades certificate

Ontario College of Trades certificate
Ontario College of Trades certificate

In order to work as an apprentice in Ontario, you must be a registered member of the Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Class, make an Ontario College of Trades certificate, which is responsible for and regulates the skilled trades in our province. Ontario College of Trades are responsible for ensuring that anyone working in this industry receives the necessary training and certification to legally practice their profession in Ontario. The College’s responsibilities are: to issue certificates of qualifications and apprenticeship declarations, to establish apprenticeship and training schemes, to establish procedures for determining appropriate apprentice to traveler ratios and industry classification reviews, and to determine the scope of practice for the industry.

To become a member of Ontario College of Trades, you must hold a Registered Training Agreement from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. Once your training agreement is registered with the Department for Education, the first step in becoming a member of the Academy’s Apprenticeship Class is to complete the Membership Application Form. For more information about becoming a member and where to find the membership application form, please contact the Ontario Trades College.

As a member of Ontario College of Trades, you will enter membership programs upon completion of required on-the-job and classroom training, including: Apprenticeship Program, Journeyman Candidate Program and successful completion of your certificate qualifying examination, Journeyman Level, order fake Canada certificate. You must pay the annual membership fee as well as the exam fees, which are listed on the Ontario Career College website. Please note that failure to pay membership fees may result in suspension of membership or suspension of accreditation.

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