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Can I drive in other countries with a New South Wales driver licence?

New South Wales driver licence
New South Wales driver licence

Visitors from overseas can drive in New South Wales with an overseas licence, how to get a New South Wales driver licence, but there are special conditions if doing so, and an overseas license is only permitted for a specific period of time.

The general rule across the board is that all drivers must only drive the type or class of vehicle that they are licensed to drive in their home country. Meaning, that if you’re only licensed for a motorbike in your home country and not a car, you cannot drive a car in Australia.

In addition, new rules which recently came into effect will close a loophole that has allowed temporary visa holders to drive a car or ride a motorcycle in New South Wales on a foreign licence without being prohibited from driving as a result of accumulating demerit points for traffic offences.

From 1 July 2023, those who hold temporary visas – such as to study or work in Australia – will be required to obtain a New South Wales driver licence if they have continuously resided in the state for six months and wish to continue driving. The same rule will apply to rider licences.

Australians from other states and territories and New Zealanders, make a NSW Driver Licence card, buy NSW ID card. (who have special status and generally do not need a visa to live and work in Australia long term) can drive for a period of up to three months on a valid interstate or a New Zealand driver licence.

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