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What’s the price for a fake Multimedia University degree

Multimedia University degree, Multimedia University certificate,
Multimedia University degree, Multimedia University certificate,

Multimedia University (MMU), also known as Universiti Telekom, is a private, government-linked university in Malaysia. Cost to make a fake Multimedia University degree, phony Multimedia University certificate, order fake Malaysian degree.

Established in 1996, the university started with the Institute of Telecommunication and Information Technology founded by Telekom Malaysia in Taiping, in the state of Perak in Malaysia in 1994. It began with 42 students underwent an experimental two-year telecommunication engineering diploma programme. The Ministry of Education then invited Telekom Malaysia to set up the first private university in Malaysia.

It began with a single computing faculty known as the faculty of information technology in 1997. Today, the university is comprised of nine faculties and 19 research centres, including the Distance Education Centre in Cyberjaya.

There are two campuses in Melaka and Cyberjaya. The Cyberjaya campus houses the undergraduate faculties of business and accounting, creative multimedia, cinematic arts, strategic communication, engineering, and information technology and computer science. It also offers postgraduate and distance education.

The Melaka Campus offers business and accounting, engineering, information technology and computer science and law, as well as some postgraduate courses.
There are nearly 12,000 students, more than 1,000 of whom are international students from over 70 countries. The vast majority of students at Multimedia University are undergraduates.

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