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Why I choose to order a fake Laval University diploma

Laval University diploma, Université Laval diplôme,
Laval University diploma, Université Laval diplôme,

Laval University, in Quebec, is the oldest French-speaking Catholic university in North America. Best site to order fake Laval University diploma, phony Université Laval diplôme, buy fake Canada diploma.

Laval University was founded on December 8, 1852 and opened its doors in 1854. A reflection of colonial society, it was the work of the Catholic Church, through the SÉMINAIRE DE QUÉBEC , basically, and of the government British, by the instrument of a royal charter signed by Queen Victoria, for the sake of form. The Seminary alone finances and directs the institution, named in homage to the founder of the seminary, Mgr François DE LAVAL.

The idea of ​​the University is that of a clerical-professional elite in a traditional and rural society: the University is a Catholic institution serving the Church and society by preparing, above all, the next generation for the major professions. social institutions of the time such as the priesthood, law and medicine.

Teaching is organized, according to the European humanist tradition of training the “honest man”, in four faculties: theology, law, medicine and arts. Students arrive from traditional colleges. From 1863 and until the creation of the CÉGEPS in 1967, around fifteen colleges were affiliated with the Faculty of Arts (the number varies over time). These colleges provide a classical course including humanities, sciences and philosophy. After eight years of secondary studies in one of these colleges, the student receives a bachelor of arts diploma which opens the doors to the University.

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