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Best quality Hofstra University transcript for sales

Hofstra University transcript
Hofstra University transcript

Hofstra University is a private institution founded in 1935 and located in Long Island, New York. Its schools offer degrees in liberal arts, health sciences, engineering, education, nursing, business, law, humanities, performing arts, medicine and communication. Steps to order a fake Hofstra University transcript, order fake transcript online, buy a fake transcript.

The university puts a lot of emphasis on research. Its faculty includes Fulbright scholars, Guggenheim fellows, National Endowment for the Humanities and National Institutes for Health award laureates.

The campus, located 15 miles east of New York City, is buzzing with life and activities. It’s composed of 35 residence halls, six theatres, over 200 student led societies and clubs and just under 30 fraternities and sororities. It has full accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Hofstra also prides its own museum which holds an indoor and outdoor collection of around 5,000 works of art and up to six exhibitions per year. Its Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary and rare tulips reflect the institution’s Dutch origins – indeed even the university’s motto and logo used to reference the House of Orange-Nassau, saying “I stand steadfast”. The Hofstra libraries’ collections of over one million books are accessible 24/7. Students can practice baseball, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, golf, softball, lacrosse, soccer, cross-country, tennis, wrestling.

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