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University of Hong Kong diploma, HKU degree,
University of Hong Kong diploma, HKU degree,

The origins of the University of Hong Kong can be traced back to the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese founded in 1887 by Ho Kai later known as Sir Kai Ho Kai, who was later incorporated as the university’s faculty of medicine. it was renamed the Hong Kong College of Medicine in 1907. The college became HKU’s medical school in 1911. How to get a fake University of Hong Kong diploma, buy fake HKU degree online, buy fake Hong Kong diplomas.

The University of Hong Kong was founded in 1911. Governor Sir Frederick Lugard had proposed to establish a university in Hong Kong to compete with the other Great Powers opening universities in China, most notably Prussia, which had just opened the Tongji German Medical School in Shanghai.

Sir Hormusjee Naorojee Mody, an Indian Parsi businessman in Hong Kong, learned of Lugard’s plan and pledged to donate HK$150,000 towards the construction and HK$30,000 towards other costs. The Hong Kong Government and the business sector in southern China, which were both equally eager to learn “secrets of the West’s success” (referring to technological advances made since the Industrial Revolution), also gave their support. The Government contributed a site at West Point.

Swire Group contributed £40,000 to endow a chair in Engineering, in addition to thousands of dollars in equipment (its aim was partly to bolster its corporate image following the death of a passenger on board one of its ships, Fatshan, and the subsequent unrest stirred by the Self-Government Society). Along with donations from other donors including the British Government and companies such as HSBC, Lugard finally had enough to fund the building of the university.

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