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Process to order a Drexel University transcript

Drexel University transcript
Drexel University transcript

A private university in Philadelphia, Drexel University is driven by global research and innovation. The university, made up of more than 22,000 students, operates multiple campuses across the Philadelphia area and online. With over 200 degree programs from 15 colleges and schools, Drexel places special emphasis on technology, research and cooperative education programs. Process to order a fake Drexel University transcript, buy fake transcript online, buy US fake transcript.

The Carnegie Classification recognized Drexel as an “R1 Doctoral University—Very High Research Activity”—of which less than 150 schools hold the distinction. Drexel boasts a history of milestones achieved in technology alone, having been the first university to require entering students to have microcomputers, the first major university to have a fully wireless campus, and brought about the first mobile web portal service for students.

Drexel’s co-op program has connected students to major companies like Google, Lockheed Martin and Johnson & Johnson. The university houses more than 300 student clubs and organizations and has over 35 Greek life chapters. The Dragons compete in 18 Division I sports within the Colonial Athletic Association. Classic Drexel events shape the Drexel student experience, including the University City 5K Run, the Drexel Drag Show and the Dragons After Dark events during late nights and weekends.

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